Our Nordic Christmas

Our Nordic Christmas

With a nod to our families Nordic heritage, Hamper Culture is delighted to offer a range of Christmas Ornaments to the collection. Sustainably handcrafted paper ornaments, with leather strings and magnetic closing clasp, they will be a beautiful addition to any hamper purchase.

These handcrafted ornaments are truly reminiscent, of our Christmas spent in Finland (in minus 19 degrees!!) where after 60yrs, my Mother in Law returned to her homeland with her entire family in tow. It was such a memorable experience and truly a holiday of a life time. 

We were so very lucky, to have seen the northern lights whilst celebrating Christmas day at Nellim, something so many set out to see in Finland, but some sadly go home without as much as a glimpse. We stayed in a picturesque snow covered wilderness lodge, feeding the reindeer and riding on sleds powered by husky dogs. Day light was restricted to only 3 hrs a day, so most days we were doing adventures from day break to sunset and into the darkness. 

Finnish people are renowned for being some of the happiest in the world and after spending a few weeks there, you came to understand why. Simple pleasures and family values are high on the priority list and a positive attitude is expressed in everything they do. There is a unique characteristic that the Finnish people possess, called Sisu. This is described as going beyond one's mental and physical capabilites and having a mindset of determination, grit and resilliance. 

Paper ornaments feature heavily in Finnish Christmas decorations, once again being a reflection of the simple pleasures they seek out, especially at this time of year. Tradtionally, each Finnish window, there hangs a series of paper stars that are lit for the whole street to see. Paper ornaments are also a popular sight on most Christmas trees and a scandinavian candleabra usually adorn the mantles and window sills. 

So when the opportunity came along to stock some beautiful nordic decorations, I jumped at the chance! I chose the following colours (because I love them and hope you do too!) Linen, Antique White, Classic Red, Midnight, Golden Sand & Olive and Green.

These beautifully handcrafted ornamnets will be a treasured addition to any hamper, Christmas tree, table decoration or perfect for your gift wrapping.

You are also able to purchase one alone or a pack of 10 ornamnets.

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